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Document Downloads

$3.50/document with Preview

5.00/document (regardless of number of pages in document)


Page Downloads

 $1.50/ page



$0.50 per page


Search Results report

$0.20 per document on report


DocuSEE™ Document Preview

A la Carte (individual)Previews

$1.50 per preview

Documents previewed can be downloaded for $3.50 ea

Bulk Previews [Purchase Bulk Previews]

$100 for 200 Previews ($0.50 per preview)

All counties, no time limit for use

Documents previewed can be downloaded for $3.50 ea.


Monthly County Subscriptions

$500 per county per month

200 document downloads

200 previews


$3.50 per document in excess of 200
$1.50 single page downloads
$1.50 previews in excess of 200

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