Verifying Security

To ensure that your passwords and credit card information is protected, uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. On pages where private information may be sent over the Internet, you will find the SSL icon in the lower right hand window bar. It appears as a small padlock (or a key in Netscape) and when you double-click on the icon or press F12, the security information is displayed in a window. You should see it at the bottom of this page. Also, you can click on the SECURED BY seal above to obtain more information about the security protection we offer.

Security & Privacy Guarantee

Safe and Secure Ordering
We guarantee that you'll be able to use your credit card securely while using Online ordering is safe at because state-of-the-art encryption software, called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, scrambles your information so only can read the information on your order. Once your information reaches, our own security system unscrambles the data and keeps it stored safely.

*Legal details: Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50 in charges accrued because of unauthorized use of your credit card.

In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card company in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

Privacy Policy respects your privacy. We will not sell or give any identifiable information about you to any third party without your approval. We may customize the information you see on the site based on the information you provide us. If you email comments to, we may use them for editorial purposes or in promotional advertising and/or marketing materials. When you make a purchase, we automatically place you on our list to receive our email newsletters. Click here to review our full privacy statement. Security Seal

Everybody is eager to conduct electronic transactions on the Internet. Consumers like the convenience and merchants like the increased sales. The technology to conduct electronic commerce is now in place. There's just one problem. Assurance.

It's a simple fact that Web users won't transact business on your Web site if they can't be certain that it's secure. They need to know - absolutely and positively - that your business is real, and they need to be assured that their communications with you will be private. You, at the same time, need to protect your data and your business against disputed sales or someone "spoofing" your site and taking away your customers.

With GoDaddy's Web Server Certificates, can conduct secure Internet transactions with the complete confidence you deserve. The certificate offers true SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption that is fully compatible with leading web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher, Microsoft Edge, and Netscape/AOL browsers 4.51 and higher.