Countyrecords.com Security Update

We are pleased to announce some security updates to Countyrecords.com that go even further in protecting your private information and credit card information. These updates were put in place on December 26, 2017.

Two major changes were implemented:

  • Our platform was enhanced for protecting your credit card information. We feel this new methodology will go even further in preventing any access to this information.

  • Stronger password requirements were implemented. When you login on or after the above date, you will be asked to change your password with the requirements listed below. If your current password meets these requirements, you can simply re-type your password to keep it. The requirements include:

A lowercase letter
A capital (uppercase) letter

A number

Minimum 8 characters/Maximum 20 characters 

We are proud that Countyrecords.com has never had a data breach and we are working to keep it that way! If you have any questions you can email us at crsupport@countyrecords.com, call us a 877-425-3453 or chat with us from the Contact Us link on our web site.