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 Archer County, Texas Search Hints

1. ALL data entered on the search criteria screen must match for a document to be found.

2. Grantor and Grantee names are entered in the form shown by the example: "SMITH JOHN" (no punctuation).

3. To find Grantor or Grantee names where you are not sure if name is first or middle name, search for "SMITH%JOHN". This will find "SMITH JOHN" and "SMITH ROBERT JOHN".

4. The default search type for Grantors and Grantees is "proximity." This means the names can be searched in any order and you can find a combination of names even when more than one name on a single line. For example, a "proximity" search for "Roger Patterson" will find a match when the Grantor is equal to "PATTERSON BOBBY RAY JR PATTERSON RACHEL L SHANKS ROGER".

5. The Svy/Blk/Sec field works like the Subdivision/Blk/Lot Field. You can select the Survey from the drop down list, then in the next box labeled "Block," you can enter the Block to search for within that Survey. Then, in the next box labeled "Lot," you can search for the Section to search for within that survey. Sections would be entered as "12" for Section 12 or "NW" for the Northwest Section.

6. You will find that the Subdivisions and Surveys are listed in the same table.

7. Dates are entered in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

8. Book/Page should be posted throughout.

7. Instrument Number is posted as a sequential number. For example, the first document posted in 1997 is 90049. This number is not reset from year to year. Sometime, a prefix year is included. For example, the first document posted in 1995 is 9585118.

8. Currently the following documents are missing:

Sept 15, 1995 - Oct 23, 1995
There are no images for Plats.

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