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 Reeves County, Texas Search Hints

We have most documents available for Official Public Records, Deeds back to 1929, Deeds of Trust back to 1959, and Oil/Gas records back to 1966.

Additionally, we have images for Deed Records and Deeds of Trust back to 1885.  If we show the document as "not available," you can request the document as follows and we will e-mail the pages to you if we have a copy.

  1. On the Search Results, the "Images?" column shows "yes" if we have the images on-line. You may click VIEW on these to view the images immediately.

  2. If the "Images?" column shows "no" you need to request the images from our Technical Support Staff.

  3. If we do not show any data for the document you need, send an email to crsupport@countyrecords.com to request it. Include your User ID, the County you are searching and the Book/Volume/Page of the document.

  4. To request a document, click the check box in the "Mark" column at the far left.

  5. Once you have checked all the documents you wish to request, click the "Request Missing Docs" button at the top or bottom of the Search Results. This sends your request to our Technical Support Staff.

  6. If we have the document, one of our Technical Support Specialists will send you an email with the document attached. If you have not heard back in a timely fashion, you can email crsupport@countyrecords.com to check on your request.

  7. Appropriate charges apply.

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If a document is not listed in our index, send the Book/Volume/Page to Countyrecords.com Support. Include your User ID and indicate you are search Reeves County. If we have the images, we will email it to you. Appropriate charges apply.

Other Search Hints for Reeves County:

1. ALL data entered on the search criteria screen must match for a document to be found.

2. Grantor and Grantee names are entered in the form shown by the example: "SMITH JOHN" (no punctuation).

3. To find Grantor or Grantee names where you are not sure if name is first or middle name, search for "SMITH%JOHN". This will find "SMITH JOHN" and "SMITH ROBERT JOHN".

4. Dates are entered in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

5. Beginning in 2012, the Instrument Number is a 7 digit number consisting of a 2-digit year plus a sequential, zero-filled number. For example, 1300001 is the first document filed in 2013. Prior to 2012, the Instrument Number is a 2-digit year followed by a dash and then a sequential number. So the first document filed in 2008 is 07-01.

6. Historical Deeds of Trust books 4 thru 60 are indexed by Book_Type (DT), Volume and Page only.

7. Most Historical Oil/Gas books 263 thru 364 are indexed by all fields except the Legal Description.


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