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 Hardin County, Texas Search Hints

NOTE: This database has been offered since December 2013 with free searches. In February 2016, we began offering an alternative database called the "Hardin, TX TITLE PLANT" which provides images that goes back farther and allows searches by property.

Click here to view the differences between this database and
the "Hardin, TX TITLE PLANT" database.

1. ALL data entered on the search criteria screen must match for a document to be found.

2. Grantor and Grantee names are entered in the form shown by the example: "SMITH JOHN" (no punctuation).

3. To find Grantor or Grantee names where you are not sure if name is first or middle name, search for "SMITH%JOHN". This will find "SMITH JOHN" and "SMITH ROBERT JOHN".

4. Dates are entered in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

5. For documents dated 04/15/2009 and later, the Instrument Number consists of a 4-digit year prefix plus a 4 digit number. The 4 digit number is sequentially assigned. For example, 20099420 is the last Instrument Number in 2009 and 20109421 is the first Instrument Number for 2010.

6. For those documents prior to 04/15/2009 which can only be found by Instrument Number, the Instrument Number is a 10-digit number consisting of a 4-digit year followed by a sequential number (example: 2009002881).

7. Documents from 01/01/2002 thru 04/15/2009 are indexed by Clerk File Number only. Documents from 04/15/2009 forward are indexed by all fields.


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